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Royal Water Management

General manager
Mgr. Peter Šúr, M.A.
E-mail: manager@royalwater.sk


For questions in regards to export please contact our exlusive export partner and distributor:

medVie GmbH
Mönaustr. 59A
91056 Erlangen

Tel +49 911 14886470
Fax +49 911 14886479
Email: info@medvie.de

Useful information

Basic water quality plays the most important factor in “refining” water.

Based on chemical and microbiological water analyzes, we are able to extract mineral water of excellent quality from the Royal natural spring, which already springs forth in a purity that meets the strictest criteria for children’s water. The water is free of manganese, iron, fluoride…


If the nature itself or some act of God decided to create something perfect it was just the water. Water creates up to 71% of the Earth surface and also it represents up to 72% of human body. Liquids which flow in our body regulate our life. Human body is basically a water machine, designed primarily to work with water and minerals. According to weight our body then contains 72% of water, further 8% is a combination of chemical compounds…


Ionized micro-clustered water with pH 9,3

Highly clean and good-quality ionized, micro-clustered natural water with high alkalic pH 9,3 and ORP of up to (-600 mV) at bottling. Hydrating of organism takes place on the cellular …