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If the nature itself or some act of God decided to create something perfect it was just the water. Water creates up to 71% of the Earth surface and also it represents up to 72% of human body. Liquids which flow in our body regulate our life. Human body is basically a water machine, designed primarily to work with water and minerals. According to weight our body then contains 72% of water, further 8% is a combination of chemical compounds and remaining 20% represent bones and solid tissue. Other significant representation of water is in tissues like in our heart (80 – 90 %), blood (83 %), brain (75 %), while there is also a low representation like in bones (22 %). If organism is composed of 72% of water then the quality of water we drink will have a significant influence on the overall condition of your health. Each healing and life-giving process which takes place in our body takes place in principle through the water! Our blood, the basic element of our life, is composed of up to 83% of water. Blood distributes nutrients, oxygen and antibodies anywhere and according to needs. In order for our blood to perform correctly its functions our body must be sufficiently supplied with healthy, clean and good-quality water. Insufficient intake of water or consummation of contaminated water causes changes of blood characteristics and negatively influences practically all sides of our health.

Royal Water

Royal Water comes from a source which is located in the heart of Europe in areas with the cleanest and the best quality origin of drinking waters. The origin of the deposit is estimated to date back to the turn of the last phase of the Mesozoic era and the beginning of the older Tertiary, approximately 70 million years before Christ. This area was significant with inland seas which gradually disappeared, they became isolated and their salinity decreased due to continuous inflow of bigger and smaller freshwater rivers. At that time fauna and flora was created mainly by organisms, which bodies composed of rich representation of inorganic substances of calcium, magnesium, silicium, potassium type. Cetraceous period was typical with chalk – limestone formations. Deposition of carbonates was subject to strong transgression but also hot climate. Sea water was enriched with calcium and other minerals much more than it is today. At the end of Cetraceous period massive extinction of live forms occurred. Sea organisms were affected most. There was a complete extinction of ammonite, belemnite and several types of foraminifer. In that area there was quire rich representation of animals – like mussels and at the beginning of Cenozoic area there were nummulites. From representatives of phytoplanktons there were frustules as single-cell microscopic alga with siliceous shells living in sea water or soil. Upon extinction and deposition of remains of these organic bodies so called fossil deposits (fossils) ware formed with balanced proportion of inorganic substances which worked as a perfect smooth filter. filter. Water gradually leaked through these layers into a lower subbase and spontaneously enriched itself with ideal proportion of inorganic substances originating from organic bodies very close to the composition of a human body. This is one of the reasons why this water is so unique, exactly balances and with high potential of so called „Viva water“. Over time and long process the water accumulated in cavities and started to create supply which we again, after such a long time use.

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With time and a lengthy process, it gathered in cavities and began to build up supplies that we reuse today after so many years. The water is enriched with the ideal calcium and magnesium ratio and contains precious silicic acid that removes heavy metals from the body and prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. The water is extracted from source as alkaline with a pH similar to sea water (about 7.4). It comes to the surface with slightly positive pressure with only a 60-metre borehole. Due to the shallow and well-insulated underground subsurface of this natural source (about 60-70 m below the surface), this mineral water doesn’t come into contact with conventional surface substances, which are mostly found in bottled drinking water such as Trichia (3H) and Radon (Rn). This entire reservoir is protected from the surface by a 40 m (2 × 20 m) layer of continuous high non-porous clay, thanks to this, there has been no surface contamination during the last 65 years. It’s processed with high-quality German KRONES technology. Based on the quality primary potential of this mineral water, we can enhance its positive properties to values that are very beneficial to the human body. We adjust the water by ionisation, micro-clustering, enhancing alkaline pH values up to 9.3 and we reach the ORP value up to (-600 mV) during filling.

Literally there is nothing more perfect than the water which was formed by the nature itself and which represents up to 72% of our body and provides all communication among cells of body, but also bodies of all living organisms. Have our body enjoy something it needs and asks for, the body which is actually excessively attacked by oxidative stress from unhealthy food, drinks and air!