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Ionized micro-clustered water with pH 9,3

Highly clean and good-quality ionized, micro-clustered natural water with high alkalic pH 9,3 and ORP of up to (-600 mV) at bottling. Hydrating of organism takes place on the cellular level. Suitable mainly for consummation at strongly acidic organism for example from unhealthy eating habits, polluted environment, stress, etc. This unfavourable balance of values may be the reason of various diseases also of cancerous type. Ionized, micro-clustered water has literally excellent antioxidant characteristics and effects which facilitate in bringing the organism back into its natural healthy balance. It also includes very precious and body beneficial silicic acid (H2SiO3). It is also suitable during diet with low content of natrium. It has a reduced minerals content, without manganese and iron. Suitable for daily use even throughout the course of a diet with low sodium content, it doesn‘t cause kidney stones.